Hot Shot 18-22" Satellite Dish Heater Kit (HS18NGRFKIT)

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The HS18NGRFKIT satellite dish heater by Hot Shot is the all-in-one solution for keeping ice and snow from building up your satellite dish. The satellite dish heater works by a thermostat built into the heating element itself. When the temperature reaches just above freezing, the heating element will turn on and provide heat to the surface of the dish then will turn off when the dish has reached a warm enough temperature to shed the offending snow and ice.

Installation is simple enough for any weekend handyman.

Heater fits on Dish type(s):

  • Directv 18" (on back side)
  • Directv 18x20 (on back side)
  • Dish 1000.2 (on back side)
  • Any dish larger that has a reflector larger than 20" in diameter (on front side)

The bolt holes of the HS18NGRFKIT are made to line up with the Directv reflector patterns. For all other dishes, the heater can be placed on the front and will only have a nominal signal loss. The element is 17.75" x 19.25" and can be rotated to fit in the vertical or horizontal position on the front of most dish types. 


  • Safe low-voltage heater
  • Does not require hiring a licensed electrician for installation
  • Automatic thermostat turns 'on' just above freezing temperatures and 'off' when the dish surface warms up
  • Durable Vinyl material lasts a long time
  • Etched foil resistance heating element
  • Multiple heat zones apply the maximum heat where it's needed most
  • M Acrylic adhesive assures a tight bond to the antenna
  • Conforms to the reflector curves and angles
  • One hundred feet of electrical cable provided
  • Heavy-duty wire-wound power transformer provided
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    Posted by TUFFEROONY@AOL.COM on 16th Nov 2020

    Very easy to install. Keeps snow and ice off dish. I use along with the arm heater. Good price, good performance.