Installer Oasis Digital 8 way Coax Cable Mapper with 8 Toners

Installer Oasis Digital 8 way Coax Cable Mapper with 8 Toners

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Product Highlights

  • Digital 8 way mapper
  • Takes AAA batteries
  • Replaceable barrel connector
  • Barrel does not have to removed to store in case

The Installer 8-Way coax mapping device allows you to test and identify up to EIGHT cables with just ONE trip to the junction box. This hand-held coax mapping device is designed to locate and identify installed wires and to test multi-run coax systems terminated with F-connectors. This unit also features a built in inductive toner for sending an inductive tone signal on a coax cable. The benefit of Installer Oasis 8 way Mapper over others digital mappers is that you can replace the connector on the top of the device once it wears out. Other devices have the connection hard wired into the board. The connector tends to wear out over time and the mapper becomes unusable but when you can replace the connector, the device is like new again.


  • Digital Read-out (numbers 1-8)
  • Replaceable F81 Barrel Connector
  • Battery door for quick changing of the batteries
  • Test Results Auto Power Off: 20 seconds
  • 30 minutes in "Tone" mode
  • Maximum cable length for testing: 3000ft
  • Maximum DC cable resistance: 100 ohms
  • Battery Type: 4 AAA batteries (included)

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